Herpa, or Herpa Miniaturmodelle, is a German manufacturer of diecast model aircraft and cars. The majority of Herpa Wings is 1/500 scale, although models are also produced in 1/400, 1/200, and 1/1000 scales as well. Herpa Cars & Trucks are mainly produced in 1/87 scale, but 1/120 and 1/160 scales are also made. Herpa also produces magazines , known as Der MaBstab and WingsWorld.

A tiny Audi R8 compared to a €1 cent

  Herpa Cars & Trucks - Herpa Cars & Trucks releases model cars and trucks in 1/87 scale, but also in the 1/160 and 1/220 scale.


A SCENIX airport set

Minitanks - On October 1, 2007, Herpa took on the worldwide distribution of the Minitanks product line from Austrian manufacturer, Roco (Modelleisenbahn GmbH).

SCENIX - Although the first SCENIX Mercedes Benz model was available in 2005, the SCENIX series was officially launched in 2006. Also, SCENIX has Herpa Wings accessories. Entire airport layouts can be made, with many airport accessories also available for these layouts. Features such as runway lights have also been added. Airport buildings and accessories are mainly available in 1/500 scale, with a few availbale in 1/400 scale.

Herpa Wings - Herpa Wings makes model airplanes in scales of 1/200, 1/400, 1/500, 1/600 and 1/1000. Many airlines sell exclusive on-board models that are not available in store or at Herpa's website.

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