Matchbox is die cast toy manufacturer which was originally owned by Lesney but is now owned by Mattel Inc. It was also originally found in the United Kingdom but is now registered as a trademark in the United States Of America. Most Matchbox toy cars came in a match-shaped box with atleast one figure or no figures. Animals were included aswell with dioramas.


The Matchbox name started in 1953 as a brand name of the British die-casting company, Lesney. Lesney's reputation would be moulded by Jack Odell, Leslie Smith and Rodney Smith ; their first major sales success was the million-selling model of Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation Coach. Shortly thereafter, Lesney co-owner Jack Odell created a toy that effectively provided the final, missing link to the company's future. It was designed for his daughter: her school only allowed children to bring toys that could fit inside a matchbox, so Odell crafted a scaled-down version of the Lesney green and red road roller. This toy ultimately became the first of the 1-75 miniature range; a dump truck and a cement mixer completed the original three-model release that marked the starting point of the mass-market success story of the Matchbox series.

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